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January 18, 2013 08:29PM

Grill or Be Grilled?

   As the outdoor season soon approaches the question needs to be asked "Grill or Be Grilled?". There are many types of BBQ's to choose from. Charcoal, pellet, gas, freestanding and/or built in are choices of a vast number of options. It is easy to go to the big box store and fall in love with the price tag. WOOHOO! All that stainless for $159.99, I am getting a steal of a deal. BUYER BEWARE!!! In most cases you get what you pay for. From the casters all the way up to the rotisserie burner it could be a "wolf in sheeps clothing". On top of that the great tutorial on operation that comes from the starving college student that is home for the summer before he goes back to chasing girls and frat parties. I'm not saying go out and spend a boat load of money on some grill that cooks for you. What I am saying is to get great quality at an appropriately marked price. Does this mean your budget may be stretched a bit...... Absolutely. Does this mean you won't have to buy another grill every three years...... Absolutely. There are specialty retailers that specialize in these products. At these locations you should get good knowledge, good product and good service. There should be some consideration taken when choosing a BBQ that is right for your home. From what type of fuel, to the size and to the construction/functionality of the grill we will determine what is best for you.


   I will start first with gas. The most common gas for BBQ's is propane. Propane (LP....Liquefied Petroleum) has a chemical or molecular make up of C3 H8 (Yes I'm a Nerd) which makes it a dirtier gas. Because of its make up it has more carbon in it which in turn gives it a stronger presence in your grilling. The price of propane can be a determining factor as well. The local gas station sure has a nice monopoly on a gallon of propane. The specific weight of gravity of air is 1. The weight for propane ia about 1.52-1.6 which means it is heavier than air so it sinks. With the excitement of getting back to the Hawks game with the burgers you just grilled could cause you to not turn off the burner all the way. If that happens there would be a chance that your BBQ could build up with propane because it is heavier than air and give you a new hair doo by fire the next time you turn it on. Propane is convenient and easy to use. With a little bit of extra care and maybe a wood chip box it is always a good way to go.

   If there is a choice between propane or natural gas, my vote is for ng. Its make up is CH4 (1 carbon 4 hydrogen) which makes it a lot cleaner of a gas. This also leaves less of a chance that it will transfer over into the taste of your food. The next advantage of ng vs. lp is that it is lighter than air(.6 specific weight). If a burner is left on during the game it will have a better chance of escaping rather than just sitting in your grill. The cost of natural gas can be considerably cheaper as well. The initial cost of a ng grill can cost more as well. If you don't have gas at the location of your BBQ you will have to get it piped there. The next thing would be a conversion kit. Don't worry you box store one fifty niner buyers your grill probably doesn't even have that option. That is why it is nice to go to the one stop shop(RCS Fireplace) that can convert it and pipe it for you. It is nicer to just turn on the valve on your deck than to fill up that rusty old tank at an inopportune time. TO BE CONTINUED............